General Information

Methods & Sheet Music 교재와 악보

  • Strings: Expressive Techniques for Orchestra: violinviola, cellobass
  • Band: handouts will be distributed
  • Orchestral Parts: the links or hard copies will be provided

Rehearsal Location & Parking 연습장소 및 주차안내

  • Rehearsal Place: First Baptist Church of Los Angeles (Room 10)
  • Church Address: 760 S Westmoreland Ave. LA, CA 90005
  • Main Lot Address: 2869 W. 8th St., LA, CA 90005 
  • Second Lot Address: 2925 W. 8th St., LA, CA 90005
  • You can park at the stalls reserved for First Baptist Only
  • You can NOT park at the stalls reserved Staff Only, Reserved for Office, & Reserved for Minister
  • Drop off & Pick up: when a church has a big annual event (we will notify)

Attendance Policy & Absence Notification 출석규정 및 결석통보 안내

  • To receive a certificate, you need to attend three rehearsals per month (either in-person or online via Zoom)
  • When you have a birthday party, family gathering, travel etc, give us an absence notification by email. 
  • If you give us an absence notification, we will record it as an excused absence.

Accessories 액서세리